Cultural Ethics

Hello readers. I have been thinking a lot about the Turkey question. My partner and I had a lively discussion on the ethics of challenging cultural practice. I will open the debate with an extreme example and we will look at it from a couple of different angles to seek an opinion on the matter.… Continue Reading

Pueblo: Acoma, and Laguna

Good day, friends! I would like to point out some differences between two American Indian tribes in dealing with “outsiders.” Jill D. Sweet writes in her essay in Sharon Bohn Gmelch’s book Tourists and Tourism about her research of the Pueblo people as being secretive and protecting their culture from outsiders. In research from Katie Flower… Continue Reading

Editing Paper

Welcome, friends. I wish that I could re-visit our research trip. As I have began writing at length, I keep uncovering more and more information. We stopped near Jerome Missouri to locate a few sites that we had read about. We originally were searching for John’s Modern Cabins. We later decided to look for a… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Natives and Boundaries

Good day, friends. After our research trip out West, I cannot get out of my mind the idea of land rights. We spoke with some natives and one in particular, Phillip, discussed for thirty minutes, the stories of contemporary property battles between the Native Americans and National Americans. It amazes me that in a day… Continue Reading


Just checking in to tell you that we have made it back from our research trip out West. It was at a breakneck pace but we survived and learned many things along the way. We are having problems with Google updating our markers but will be working that out soon. Keep checking back and I… Continue Reading

On the Road

We are on the Road! We just placed one of our markers at a rest area in McClean county, IL. There were other markers nearby including a patinated series of figure silhouettes of the family that built one of the first “hard roads” in Illinois near a syrup farm called Funks Grove. Isaac Funk arrived… Continue Reading

On Hawaii

Welcome. Last week’s discussion was interesting. It was like a roller coaster ride at times going from highly energetic to a slow creep. It seems that people sometimes become disinterested when the subject is not about their particular chapter or personal interests. Maybe it would help to stick to our “chapter” markers more without digression.… Continue Reading

66 ghosts

It has been an undertaking searching for well written material relating to our research trip. The positive side to this is that it gives the freedom to conduct research in one’s own manner. Though I am far away from writing a book, it is the same feeling that once you run out of research on… Continue Reading

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