Sandy in green TBorn 1973, in Decatur, Illinois, Jason Sandberg grew up in a rural farm community. The son of a truck driver and grain company employee, farm machinery, tractors, semi-trucks and trains surrounded him. His family got by on a meager income and invested in Lego® building bricks, Erector® Sets, and Kenner® Girder and Panel sets. Sandberg used these kits to build entire worlds in the family living room.
At ten years old, Jason’s family moved to a larger house in the same rural town. Here, he negotiated with his father to get a 10’X14’ work room in the basement, and later an equal space in the garage. Once into the garage, he began painting and lettering for family, friends, and local businesses. Always attracted to things with motors, Sandberg began his first business in high school selling truck and car accessories, detailing cars, lettering and sign painting.

Without plans for college, Sandberg joined the Air National Guard after finding out that he could be a jet-engine mechanic. After his initial military service working on aircraft weapons systems, Sandberg returned to his hometown and opened a sign shop on Main Street. At this time, he began college part time and worked toward a formal art degree. After six military deployments overseas, Jason moved to Edwardsville, IL to attend college at SIUE.

Between deployments, Sandberg finished his B.F.A. and got accepted at University of Wisconsin – Madison. He and his family moved there while he finished his M.F.A. Degree. Since then Sandberg has taught at various institutions instructing in design and sculpture at the high school and college levels. He has been working with individuals with disabilities in the last two years teaching sculpture, design, and video art.

sandberg creative        |        springfield, il        |        (608) 658-5103

sandberg creative        |        springfield, il        |        (608) 658-5103

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