First Semester Down!

Well, we finally made it! At times, I felt like my head was spinning trying to hold everything together. Like when you grab all of your materials for a class, head to school and realize that you are a day early. But, I am very happy with my first semester performance. I hope to have some more financial stability this semester as my G.I. Bill finally got straitened out, or so they say. I got my eye on you Uncle Sam! (He is pretty stingy for a rich Uncle!)

I am currently planning with Dale and Trina, our piece for the Chicago Show. Our piece will be in a funky shaped room called the Infinity room. It is not near as infinite as House on the Rock’s room by the same name. It is 14 foot long with a ten foot opening at one end narrowing down to five at where the piece will be. To maximize our efforts, as we learned the first time that installations NEVER go as planned, I built a scale model of the space to aid us in our planning. I have named this model the Death Star, as I searched for a figure to base the scale on, all I found was an Imperial Officer from Star Wars. I will post some pictures I took of him standing in the gallery holding a 2X4. I wonder if the Death Star had a gallery? I would imagine it to be a Constructivist space with alot of posters reenforcing the power of the Empire. I digress. Anyway, this model should aid in our planning of installing tiles, projectors and airplanes in the limited amount of space.  The show will be great visibility and I am happy to be showing work there.

Holidays were great. We changed up some plans and went to my family’s town for Christmas in Central Illinois. We wanted to go to St Louis but could not justify a 5 hour detour. I believe that my Mom tried to poison us as we all became sick within two days. I was first. It was Christmas eve and I was miserable. It knocked me down for about three days then Angie and my oldest, Asyntha. They were not as sick. (I must have ate alot of what ever the culprit was!) Soon, we were all healthy and back in Wisconsin. I have been doing alot of computer, paperwork, and modeling at home to utilize the break time. This week, I will be in the studio more as I need to catch up some stuff here. Basically, it is a mess. I clean and organize, but by the looks of second and third years, it never really gets passed a certain point of chaos. I am thinking about building a storage loft in my studio, I have some extra 2X4s and really need a place to store sculptures as opposed to the floor. Some things get dismantled or taken to another place but I need the room for those pieces that I may work on more, or submit to a show. I once got a piece submitted that was in my storage unit and spent an entire afternoon cleaning to get to it!

Gotta go, Thanks for reading after the semester!


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  1. Hey uncle jason good job on everything you have done for art and for me you are the best uncle ever love haley.xoxoxoxoxo

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